NAT Dynamic Troubleshooting
by Rene Molenaar 29 Comments
Working for a company based in the caribbean isn’t such a bad life. The sun is always shining and when there is
no work you can relax at the beach. Today however you get a stress call from a junior network engineer who
tried to replace a failed router. He claims to have configured NAT (network address translation) correctly but it’s
not working. Time for you to fix the problem!
All IP addresses have been preconfigured for you as following:
192.168.XY.X /24 where X = router1 and Y = router2.
for example: between router5 and router8.
You are only allowed to make changes on router Jamaica.
Your ISP has given you the subnet to use for the NAT translation.
Do not use show run! (this will spoil the fun use the appropiate ‘show’ and ‘debug’
commands. This will teach you the skills needed to become a true troubleshooting master.
You need to make sure the /24 subnet is translated into the IP addresses the ISP gave you
when router John communicates with router Dave.
It took me 1000s of hours reading books and doing labs, making mistakes over and over again until I mastered
all the troubleshooting issues for CCNP.
Would you like to be a master of troubleshooting too? In a short time without having to read 900 page books or
google the answers to your questions and browsing through forums?
I collected all my knowledge and created a single ebook for you that has everything you need to know to
become a master of troubleshooting.
You will learn all the secrets about NAT/PAT troubleshooting and more.
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