PPP over Ethernet (PPPOE)
by Rene Molenaar 15 Comments
You are working for a small company as a network engineer and currently you are still using a dial-up
modem for Internet access. The company will upgrade the Internet access to a DSL connection and
your service provider promised they will send you a Cisco 800 series router so you can configure it
already for PPPoE. The problem is you never configured PPPoE before so it’s time to upgrade your
Do not configure any IP address on the Fast Ethernet interfaces.
Router Artemis will be the PPPoE server (to emulate the service provider)
Configure a DHCP pool on Router Artemis for the PPP connection, use the
Configure Router Artemis as a PPPoE server using the DHCP pool you just created. Use a
Virtual-Template and configure the IP address on this router.
Router Poseidon should get IP address from the PPPoE server.
Configure Router Poseidon as the PPPoE Client.
Your end result should be a working PPPoE session and Router Poseidon should get an IP
address from DHCP.
When your PPPoE connection is working, configure CHAP authentication:
Username: Poseidon
Password: VAULT
Optional: Configure Router Artemis so PPPoE clients cannot initiate more than 5 sessions
within 1 minute for 10 minutes.