Drive by Jean-Christophe Manciot is licensed under an Apache v2.0 License.

Drive Repository Contents

  • drive binary was originally developed by Burcu Dogan while working on the Google Drive team and its sources are now maintained by Emmanuel T Odeke. It is a tiny program to pull or push Google Drive files.
  • drive-<command> simple and powerful high-level automation scripts which run over the previous binary.


The drive-<command> scripts offer the following features:

  • abstraction from underlying drive program, allowing the user to use it without knowing all its options & details
  • automation, allowing the user to launch each command once on all its selected objects
  • synchronization offering 3 types of operation:
    • Fully-Automated: it does not ask for user confirmation (not implemented yet)
    • Semi-Automated: it asks for user confirmation
    • Manual: it asks for user confirmation & offers a choice of a combination of 8 commands
  • limitless scope through the support for symlinks within the Google Drive folder which allows you to use drive over parts or whole local or even remote mounted drive(s) through NFS/SSHFS/....
  • choice of user interface:
    • CLI commands: all scripts are called with drive-<command>
    • GUI menus: all previous commands are accessible through one command in basic graphical mode, drive-menu
  • results in basic graphical windows
  • agentless: no daemon is running on your local host

Startup Guide And Screenshots

A quick startup guide and some screenshots are available in the wiki

Binary Packages

  • drive-google-bin package contains the drive binary.
  • drive-google contains all drive-<command> automation scripts.

Those binary packages are available in the following dynamic deb repositories:

Planned Features

More features are on the agenda:

  • [ ] drive-setup to setup the following configuration files with a GUI:
    • [ ] .driverc
    • [ ] .driveselect
    • [ ] .driveignore
  • [ ] Fully automated Sync
  • [ ] Fully optimized performances with a local database listing all local and remote objects updated in real time: however, I'm not sure yet whether this is even possible to implement or not. It will depend on the possibility to be notified of all local and remote objects creation/modification/deletion in real time.


The warning message "Gtk-Message: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged." is an Zenity issue which is out of my control.

Filing Issues

This can be done at support@sdxlive.com.

Reaching Out

Doing anything interesting with drive-<command> scripts or ready to share your favorite tips and tricks? Feel free to reach out with ideas for features or requests at support@sdxlive.com.


This project is not supported nor maintained by Google.